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Bear River Land Conservancy

Services: Education/Outreach
Office Phone:  (435) 760-0691
Mailing Address: POB 4565 Logan UT 84323-4565
Area:  Box Elder, Cache, and Rich Counties in northern Utah

The BRLC is a land trust. The mission of the Bear River Land Conservancy is to conserve and enhance private lands for wildlife habitat, working farms and ranches, land and trails of recreational or historical significance, watersheds, and critical vistas, using conservation easements and sound management, to benefit the people of northern Utah, today and in perpetuity. BRLC currently holds two conservation easements, one near Trenton, Utah, and another near Garden City, Utah, both protected for natural habitat. BRLC also owns 30 acres of farmland in Mendon, Utah, protected for the Ute ladies'-tresses, an orchid listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, and the preservation of agriculture and open space.

Experts: Dixon, Bryan