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Bear River Water Quality Task Force

Category: Other
Services: Management/Planning, Public Relations, Support
Location:  2628 U.S Highway #89
Office Phone:  (208) 945-2333
Bear River Water Quality Task Force (BRWQTF)
PO Box 26
Fish Haven, ID 83287
Description of Services:  MISSION
To establish a path and direction for cooperation and coordination of water quality work across all jurisdictions for the Bear River Basin.
Area:  Bear River Watershed

1. Measurably improve the overall water quality and stream integrity of the Bear River and its tributaries, including lakes and reservoirs, to support multiple beneficial uses and development.

2. Develop and implement a coordinated tri-state basin wide water quality planning approach with strong local involvement and leadership.

1. Identify all major stakeholders in water quality issues in the basin and develop: 1) a means to solicit their involvement, and 2) a method to keep them informed of activities in the basin.

2. Initiate and facilitate local public involvement in water quality issues in the basin to identify the primary water quality related issues.

3. Establish a broad-based local involvement and leadership role in the planning process, through public involvement activities and information dissemination, based in the offices of the Bear River and Western Wyoming's RC&Ds.

4. Establish and coordinate a data gathering system and assessment, including historical, current and future data needs, and water quality standards in the Bear River Basin.