Subbasin Name Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) Implementation Strategy Implementation Plan Status
Bear River (lower) 16010204 BMPs - Animal waste mgt., irrigation water mgt.,
riparian rehabilitation, nutrient mgt., streambank
stabilization, power ramping mgt., range/pasture mgt., wetland construction, point source control.
Bear River (Upper), Including Saleratus Creek



Implement Nonpoint Source BMPs to reduce organic matter loading to
Upper Bear River:
• Improve water quality of irrigation return flows through
vegetative filtering, land leveling, and conversion from flood to
sprinkler irrigation.
• CNMPs on all AFO facilities in study area.
• Relocate winter feeding areas away from mainstem Bear River
• Remove direct livestock access to stream channels, provide
offsite watering.
Middle Bear River and Cutler Reservoir TMDL 16010202-002
Clarkston Creek, Newton Reservoir and Newton Creek Newton Creek

Newton Creek

Implement or properly maintain and monitor CNMPs on all AFOs
in the Clarkston Creek watershed.
• Eliminate all direct animal access to Clarkston Creek.
• Follow recommended manure application schedule.
• No application of commercial phosphorus fertilizers.
• Implement 60-foot conservation easement for all non-residential land adjacent to Newton Creek.

Little Bear River (2 Stream Segments) Little Bear River & Tributaries BMP’s
Animal Waste Mgt., Irrigation Water Mgt., Riparian Rehabilitation, Nutrient Mgt., Streambank Stabilization, Range/Pasture Mgt., Animal Waste Storage Facilities, Point Source Control

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