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Bear River Sediment TMDL Wyoming

Status:  Current

Contact:  David Waterstreet

Abstract: The Bear Rive in Uinta County, Wyoming is listed as impaired for sediment on the State of Wyoming's 303(d) list from Woodruff Narrows Reservoir upstream to the confluence with Sulphur Creek. A total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) project was initiated in November of 2012 and is scheduled to be completed in September of 2014. The project has gathered existing data, conducted additional fieldwork, and utilized a Technical Advisory Committee made up of local stakeholders to understand the underlying causes of excessive sediment found in the river system and to calculate the existing sediment load. Based on Chapter 1 of Wyoming's Water Quality Rules and Regulations, a water quality target will be selected that is protective of the Bear River's cold water fishery designated use which is currently impaired due to excessive sediment. An implementation plan will be prepared to guide implementation actions within the watershed to reduce sediment loads to the river and facilitate achievement of the water quality target. A TMDL report will be written to document the project and to establish the TMDL. Public participation is appreciated and welcomed.