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Social and Engineered Water Systems Work Plan iUtah

Category: Research
Status:  Current


Abstract: We will gather systematic data on the built environment, water use behaviors and decisions, and institutional contexts across the larger WRMA, with particular focus and depth on areas within the three watershed observatories. We will coordinate with Focus Area 1 and Focus Area 3 to link social and engineering systems data to indicators of biophysical drivers and outcomes in coupled systems models. By collaborating with water system stakeholders and decision-makers, we want to ensure our data and models are realistic and useful to end users.

Year 1 Goals:
Goal 1: Ensure our research activities produce data relevant to decision-makers
Goal 2: Improve capacity of Utah scientists to study human dimensions of water systems
Goal 3: Ensure new social and engineering data can answer research questions
Goal 4: Improve our capacity to collect intensive data about water use and water decision-making
Goal 5: Improve our knowledge of the built water infrastructure in our study sites
Goal 6: Improve our capacity to model water system outcomes related to built infrastructure