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Comparison of Limnological Characteristics in Cutler Reservoir (Utah) near the Inflows of the Logan River and the Logan Wastewater Treatment Plant

Abstract: Water quality sondes were deployed in Cutler Reservoir at two sites near the discharge of the Logan Wastewater Treatment Plant, and at one site in the lower Logan River for three days in September prior to the class field trip. Oxygen concentrations showed expected diel cycles at all three sites. In the Logan River oxygen concentrations varied from over 15 mg/L on two nights and below 1 mg/L on the third night. Temperatures cycled in the Logan River between 16 degrees C during the day and around 12 degrees C at night. In the very shallow site near the treatment plants discharge, temperatures were 15-16 degrees C during the day, but dropped to 8-9 degrees C at night. Although the low oxygen levels are suggestive of an impaired condition, comparison with another non-impacted wetland suggests that low nighttime oxygen may be a normal characteristic of wetlands. More comparative work is needed to assess whether oxygen conditions in the Cutler Reservoir are naturally low, or low due to anthropogenic eutrophication.

Project Report