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Development of a Laboratory Watershed Information System for the Bear River Basin

Category: Research
Status:  Completed
Contact:  Jeff Horsburgh
Funding Organization:  Utah State University

Subject:  Watershed Information System
Category:  Research
Data Type:  Water Quality

Abstract:  An Internet based laboratory watershed information system (WIS) will be developed for the Bear River Basin. The Bear River Laboratory WIS, already partially functional at, will be designed to become a central repository for data and information related to the Bear River Basin. By doing so, it will provide users with unprecedented access to data and information in the Bear River Basin, where sharing of data and information has historically been difficult due to the transboundary nature of the river and the resulting multiple regulatory jurisdictions. The Bear River Laboratory WIS will consist of a Bear River Laboratory WIS website that contains informational content, data visualization and analysis capabilities, and an interactive Internet map server with GIS capabilities. Specific tasks will include compilation of data and information for the Bear River Basin, design and construction of a central data repository database, design and construction of the Bear River Laboratory WIS website, creation of an interactive internet map server for the Bear River Basin, and the creation of data visualization and analysis tools to provide users with unprecedented access to Bear River related data. In addition, the Bear River Laboratory WIS will demonstrate many of the potential components and capabilities of a broader Hydrologic Information System (HIS), as described by the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI).

Investigators:   Horsburgh, Jeffery
Stevens, David

Organizations:   Utah Water Research Laboratory
Utah State University