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Evaluating the Effects of Conservation Practices on Water Quality

Category: Research
Status:  Current

Contact:  Nancy Mesner
Funding Organization:  US Department of Agriculture

Subject:  Water Quality, BMP, Conservation Practices
Category:  Research
Data Type:  Water Quality
Start Date:  Friday, October 01, 2004
End Date:  Sunday, September 30, 2007

Abstract:  The study is designed to evaluate whether adoption of several agricultural best management practices have had a measurable impact on phosphorus loadings into the Little Bear River. A review of historical ambient water quality data suggests an aggregate decline in phosphorus loadings in the Little Bear River watershed. The use of fine-grained data from throughout this watershed will enable the determination of whether these changes are related to the implementation of management practices.

The core research objectives to be addressed by this project include:

To determine whether publicly funded programs to promote the adoption of agricultural conservation best management practices were able to reduce phosphorus loadings into surface waters in the Little Bear watershed

To critically examine the strengths and weaknesses of different water quality monitoring techniques, and

To make recommendations to policymakers, agricultural conservation field staff, and other interested parties to ensure that future management efforts are targeted towards the most effective and socioeconomically viable agricultural best management practices.

The results of this work will help future agricultural conservation programs focus on the most effective practices, and can be used to develop new protocols to increase the efficiency of water quality monitoring efforts.


The effectiveness of conservation efforts in the Little Bear River Watershed (ppt)

Utah's Conservation Effectiveness Assessment Project: Taking Lessons Learned to the Next Level (poster)

Investigators:   Horsburgh, Jeffery
Mesner, Nancy
Stevens, David

Organizations:   Utah Water Research Laboratory
Utah State University
USU Water Quality Extension