In 2006, Pacificorp and Trout Unlimited contracted with Watershed Sciences, Inc. to provided thermal infrared (TIR) and true color digital imagery of selected streams in the Bear River Basin in Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah.  Surveyed streams included the Bear River from Cutler Reservoir upstream to Cokeville, WY, Cub River, Thomas Fork/Salt Creek, And Smith's Fork/Hobble Creek.  The data were successfully aquired from July 24-29, 2006. 

The data were delivered by Watershed Sciences on a series of DVD disks.  All of the files on each of these DVD disks have been zipped up to make them available for download.  You can use the links below to download a zip file for each of the DVD disks that was delivered. 

WARNING:  These files are very large.

Final Report
Bear River Thermal Report [5 MB PDF]

Lower Bear River
DVD 1 [3.9 GB ZIP]
DVD 2 [2.8 GB ZIP]
DVD 3 [3.9 GB ZIP]

Cub River
DVD 1 [2.1 GB ZIP]

Thomas Fork
DVD 1 [2.5 GB ZIP]

Smith's Fork
DVD 1 [2.5 GB ZIP]

Upper Bear River
DVD 1 [0.6 GB ZIP]
DVD 2 [3.7 GB ZIP]
DVD 3 [4.2 GB ZIP]