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You’ve heard the expression: We all live downstream. This is just as true about the quality of water as it is about the quantity water. The Bear River and all the water bodies in its watershed provide many benefits, including recreational opportunities, irrigation and stock watering, habitat for fish and other aquatic life, and a source of drinking water. Water pollution affects all these different uses, so it’s important to understand how we can protect our water quality. You’ll be thankful for the people upstream who protect water quality, and people downstream will thank you!

Bear River Celebration

The Bear River Celebration was named 2013's Utah Environmental Education Program of the Year

How to use this page:

Web Resources is a list of teaching resources and additional information from around the Bear River Basin. These sites are not produced by the Bear River Watershed Information System, but many of them are from partner agencies.

Pollution is a section that describes the effects we all have on the water resources around us and describes some key terms in helping us to understand our impact.

Caring for the Bear River describes what each of us can do to reduce our footprints on the Bear River Basin and preserve it for future generations.

Watershed Fact Sheets provides information about specific watersheds, including descriptions of watersheds and recent or current projects occurring in the watershed. Fact sheets of watersheds within the Bear River Watershed: