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Water Quality Trading Calculator

Calculating Potential Phosphorus Trades in the Bear River Watershed Using the Trading Calculator

A software application called the "Trading Calculator" was developed as a tool for watershed managers to examine different trading scenarios including evalutating potential buyers and sellers, the potential amount of pollutant reduction, and the likely cost of the reduction. The Trading Calculator has been implemented for total phosphorus (TP) on the Bear River from Oneida Narrows Reservoir to Cutler Reservoir, including the Cub River. The Trading Calculator uses the results of many different simlations performed using the water quality model to determine how much TP load reduction is available for trading between different sources. The user can also input information about total maximum daily load (TMDL) reduction requirements and best management practices (BMPs) effectiveness and cost. The following figures show screen shots with examples from the trading calculator.

Trading Calculator Trading Calculator

Trading Calculator Documentation

For more information about the trading calculator, download the Trading Calculator Technical Memo. This document also contains some detialed examples of how water quality trading could work in the Bear River Basin.

Water Quality Trading Calculator Technical Documentation [PDF 1.4 MB]