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Water Quality

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Bear River Watershed Upper Bear Central Bear Bear Lake Middle Bear Middle Bear-Logan Lower Bear-Malad

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Local Water Quality Issues:

  • Phosphorus
  • Sediment
  • Bank Erosion
  • Loss of Riparian Vegetation and Aquatic Habitat
  • Animal Feeding Operations


Water Quality implementation projects have been occurring in the Middle Bear River watershed since the early 1990s with great success. With the cooperation of local watershed groups, landowners, and various governmental agencies, several water quality projects have been implemented ranging from stream bank restoration to sprinkler irrigation systems. Several educational campaigns have also been initiated to help raise public awareness of water quality issues throughout the valley. These education campaigns include youth educational field days, storm water education, and pharmaceutical disposal programs.

The Middle Bear River watershed has a large number of dairy producers. Recently, efforts have helped many producers comply with state water quality standards. Various agencies have helped dairy producers implement best management practices to help contain water rich in nutrients and organic matter on their property. Many producers have also developed nutrient management plans. These plans identify when and where to apply manure. Containment practices and nutrient management plans help prevent excess nutrients from entering local water bodies.


EPA 319 funding

Utah State Nonpoint source funds NRCS

Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)

NRCS Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program (WHIP)

Local Landowners

For more information check out the fact sheet Improving Utah's Water Quality: Middle Bear River Watershed

List of current TMDLs in Idaho

Feedlot Abandonment and Restoration

Before Feedlot Restoration


After Feedlot Restoration


Streambank Restoration

Before Streambank Restoration


After Streambank Restoration


Lower Bear River & Tributaries TMDL