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Water Quality

Upper Bear River
Bear River Watershed Upper Bear Central Bear Bear Lake Middle Bear Middle Bear-Logan Lower Bear-Malad

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Local Water Quality Issues:

- Dissolved Oxygen

- Sedimentation

- Habitat

Project Description:

Water quality improvements in the Upper Bear River watershed have been taking place for more than ten years. Through cooperation with land owners and funding from several national, state, and local agencies, many stream restoration projects have improved water quality throughout the watershed. These projects include removing livestock from the river corridors by building fences along the riparian zone, installing structures that help stabilize the stream banks, and replanting riparian vegetation. These practices help decrease the amount of sediment entering the streams, provide valuable habitat for fish and wildlife, and improve water quality in general. Specifically, these stream restoration projects have provided habitat for critical species in the watershed including sage grouse and Bonneville cutthroat trout, both candidate species for federal listing under the Endangered Species Act.

Upper Bear River Fencing project

Fencing Project

Upper Bear River Fencing project before


Upper Bear River Fencing project after


For more information check out the fact sheet Improving Utah's Water Quality: Upper Bear River Watershed